Finding Harmony within Balance

Restoration Artist

I use Zilis UltraCell CBD to help with joint function and mobility.  I experience a daily struggle with persistent aching and limited mobility.  Along with being under the care of a chiropractor and daily exercising and stretching, UltraCell helps me get back to my full movement capabilities without any discomfort throughout my day even when I am at my most active.

Deborah Beahm

Independent Ambassador


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How I Implement Zilis Products into my Everyday life

Full Endocannabinoid Support CBD and Non-CBD supplements

UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

I use Zilis UltraCell CBD sublingual oil daily.  I have found it helps me with less aches and pain and easier movement, less sensitivity to food and drink, lighter calmer moods and a quicker recovery time when exercising or working long days with long hours. 

UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical Balm

I use Zilis UltraCell CBD Topical Balm when needed for joint pain, muscle aches, sunburns, swollen glands, headaches. swollen sinuses, bug bites, skin irritations...  Anywhere a balm can be easily applied, I reach for my jar of UltraCell Topical.

Zilis Non-CBD Supplements

Zilis CBD Dream Sleep Support

Dream - Sleep Support

Zilis UltraDream is my go to when I am able to take the time to rest after work trips, travel and times when I just can't get the rest I am needing.  I am a craft beer enthusiast, love my margaritas and cocktails and enjoy a glass of wine with a nice dinner, but I also have a lot of trouble getting a good rest after just one glass.  UltraDream helps me relax and get a deeper more restful sleep.  

Edge - Cognitive Support

I love Zilis UltraEdge when I am having trouble concentrating on my work, driving for long hours, before a work out and for fast relief from debilitating headaches.  UltraEdge does not give me any jitters like I get from coffee or all the sugar that comes with sodas and energy drinks.  UltraEdge helps keep me energized, alert and more focused. 

Burn - Weight Loss Support

I used Zilis UltraBurn daily for one month and noticed a difference in weight and inches on my hips.  I have been able to wear pants that I have not been able to fit into in the past three years!!  I now use UltraBurn before times when I know I have a tendency to overindulge;  big family meals, events with food and drink or  before going to the movies.  UltraBurn helps curb my cravings and keeps my indulgences to a minimum.  Over a year later after my initial loss, my weight has been more balanced and consistent than it has ever been with the help of Zilis Burn.

Ice - Homeostasis Support

Zilis UltraIce aids me when I am having more joint or muscle pain than usual.  Over work, over play, yard work, bad weather, menstrual cramps and work out recovery are all times I grab my UltraIce.  UltraIce compliments my daily UltraCell CBD oil and gives me a little more help when I need it. 

UltraPet Pet CBD

UltraPet CBD


NEW!!  Zilis UltraPet is specifically formulated with our furry friends health and ease of giving in mind. 

All Zilis CBD oils are pet friendly.  Before UltraPet I gave one drop a day of Zilis UltraCell CBD Raw to Monte, my aging mainecoon cat.  RAW does not contain sweeteners or flavors and I saw great results with him.  He groomed himself more thoroughly, had an easier time jumping up on the couch and stopped swiping at me when I brush him.  Zilis CBD oils were a blessing during the last years of Monte's  life.  


I now have family, friends and clients who have found great results with UltraPet.

Zilis Ultra Powders

 Zilis Powders will be available NOW!!

UltraCell CBD, UltraBurn and UltraEdge 

Same great product you come to expect from Zilis, in powder form.  Just add water!!

I really enjoy the ease of use with the powders.  1 scoop added to my drink and I am ready!  Perfect for those on the go, easily implemented with workout routines and those with busy schedules.  Add to a bottle of water, shake and drink!  

zilis powders EDGE CBD BURN
CBD Cocktails with Zilis CBD Powders

CBD Cocktails!!

One of my favorite things to add Zilis CBD Powders to is my handcrafted cocktails.  Especially after long, difficult work weeks or weekends when I have time to relax and enjoy myself.  Follow me on your favorite social media platform for postings of my favorite recipes.